Dan’s Priorities

The Economy AND Job Creation

Dan Helmer is the descendant of immigrants -- a number of whom launched small businesses after arriving in America. When Dan began his career in business, it was with deep admiration for the grit and courage behind such successful entrepreneurship. Since then, as a strategic adviser to a wide range of American companies, he has improved their efficiency, capacity to innovate, and ability to create new, high-paying jobs. As a member of Congress, he will encourage enterprise, foster a smart regulatory environment, and protect consumers.

Safety at Home and Abroad

We live in a world that is full of challenges and opportunities, and we need leaders in Congress who are capable of recognizing and responding to both. As an Army officer for more than a decade, Dan saw firsthand the extraordinary potential and very real limits of American power.

In Congress, Dan will improve our security and act as a fierce advocate for our troops and for the necessity of providing them with the training and equipment they need to do the jobs that are asked of them. He will help maintain strong alliances and will advocate for the destruction of ISIS and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. He will ensure that our Veterans have access to high quality healthcare and resources and that the spouses of service members have the opportunity to pursue meaningful careers.

Dan supports responsible firearm ownership and common-sense gun laws that keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists, criminals, and others who would do us harm.

America’s Healthcare System


The United States is the richest and most powerful nation in the history of the world, but our healthcare system fails to ensure that all of our citizens have access to the medical care they need. Our system is also excessively expensive. In Congress, Dan will consider all courses of action that would expand access and lower medical costs.

Building An Inclusive Society


Dan comes from a family of immigrants who were welcomed into the United States after fleeing religious persecution abroad. He believes that it is the right of every American to worship, speak, vote, and love as they please. He will fight discrimination of any kind.  

Dan believes in equal pay for equal work, freedom of expression, marriage equality, and all citizens’ right to vote without undue burden. And, he believes in a woman’s right to choose.

Immigration and Border Security


As immigrants and new Americans, Dan's family built businesses, created jobs, saved lives, worked with the government -- and fell in love with baseball. Their descendant, Dan, served his country in uniform. This is the American dream. Immigration strengthens our economy, national security, and culture.  

Dan will advocate in Congress for justly-administered, orderly, and welcoming immigration policies. Our nation’s border security cannot be compromised, but our safety does not require that those who wish to join us as Americans be sorted by religion, race, or sex.

Social Security and Medicare  


Dan believes that we must provide a healthy and dignified retirement for our citizens.  Social Security and Medicare are critical to achieving that aim, and Dan will ensure that we meet our obligations to seniors by protecting these critical programs.

Protecting Our Natural Resources and Powering a New Century of Growth


The Helmers often spend their weekends hiking and swimming in the forests and lakes of northern and western Virginia and camping in National Parks. As a member of Congress, Dan will ensure that his sons -- and all American children -- have the opportunity to grow up and raise their own families in a country whose water, air, and land remain beautiful, safe, and clean.

We do not need to choose between growing the economy and protecting the environment. Dan will encourage investment in renewable energy, secure and efficient electricity distribution, and updated transportation infrastructure because he knows that such initiatives will create high-quality American jobs.

Education and Our Workforce


Our education system needs to prepare our children for the challenges of a competitive global economy. Dan will support policies that enable all children to thrive and that provide teachers with the support, tools, and resources they need to do the challenging work of educating future generations. Twenty-first century jobs will require advanced degrees, and Dan will work to ensure all citizens have access to a high quality, affordable college education.

Constitutional Government


Our Founders recognized that the greatest threat to the U.S. political system was an over-powerful Executive. This continues to be true. In Congress, Dan will work to restore Congress’ role in ensuring oversight of the President and protection of our Constitutional rights.