As an Army officer for more than a decade, Dan saw the consequences of war firsthand, and believes we should always strive to put diplomacy first. For this reason, he has been endorsed by a wide range of national security leaders. When Ambassador Reuben Brigety, Ambassador to the African Union under President Obama, announced his endorsement of Dan, he stated: 

"In the deserts of Iraq, Dan witnessed firsthand the consequences of foreign policy missteps and a lack of courage by those in Congress to avoid a war of choice. He will have the backbone to stand up for U.S. leadership in the world -- leadership that puts diplomacy first and views force as a last resort. In the world arena, I know that Dan will be a fierce advocate for peace and for collaboration to address global challenges that impact us everyday."

In Congress, Dan will improve our security and act as a fierce advocate for our troops and for the necessity of providing them with the training and equipment they need to do the jobs that are asked of them. He will help maintain strong alliances and will advocate for the destruction of ISIS and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. He will ensure that our Veterans have access to high quality healthcare and resources and that the spouses of service members have the opportunity to pursue meaningful careers.