Letter from Dan

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Dan Helmer, and I’m running for Congress here in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district. I’m running because I know that too many of us have lost faith in our politics – we believe our voices are no longer heard and our interests are no longer served – and I want to fix that.

I have always believed in serving and defending our country, one that welcomed my family as refugees and immigrants. It’s what led me to attend West Point, to serve tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to remain in the Army Reserve to this day. Today, defending our country means standing up to a President who has undermined our Constitution and believes that he is above the law. It means voting out people in Congress who have failed to hold the President accountable. It means fighting every day for our values – values like keeping guns out of our schools, like the one where my wife teaches and my sons attend class; treating healthcare as a right for all; and protecting our environment from irreversible climate change.

Advancing these values starts with electing a Democrat here in Virginia’s 10th district. It won’t be easy – Barbara Comstock has won against every Democrat she’s ever faced. She’s an exceptionally tough campaigner and she’s beaten local elected officials and DC insiders before; but she’s never faced a veteran with foreign policy, national security, and business expertise. In late May, a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, an independent pollster, showed that I would defeat Barbara Comstock by 8 points in the general election. No other candidate has released independent polling that shows a lead against Congresswoman Comstock. If we’re going to flip the House then we have to flip this seat, and so we need to nominate a candidate who is well positioned to take on Barbara Comstock.

Our campaign has been endorsed by the most senior woman to ever serve in the Department of Defense, Michèle Flournoy; the last two Deputy Directors of the CIA during the Obama Administration, David Cohen and Avril Haines; numerous Ambassadors, Generals, and other national security experts; and local grassroots activists. All of these people know that not only am I able to win against Congresswoman Comstock, but also that as a member of Congress I would be a strong advocate for our values and a fierce opponent of President Trump’s attacks on our Democracy.

Our campaign has one underlying theme: putting people over politics. I will do the same in Congress, where I will fight for our progressive values and work to get things done for the people in this district and across our country. I hope to earn your vote on June 12.

 Dan Helmer

Dan Helmer