President Obama's Ambassador to African Union Announces Endorsement of Dan Helmer After Candidate Foreign Policy Forum

Sterling, VA -- Dan Helmer, West Point graduate and Rhodes Scholar seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, received the endorsement of Ambassador Reuben Brigety, former Ambassador to the African Union under President Obama. Ambassador Brigety, a resident of Virginia's 10th Congressional District, will also join Helmer’s National Security Advisory Committee.

“In the world arena, I know that Dan will be a fierce advocate for peace and for collaboration to address global challenges that impact us every day,” Brigety said in an email to Helmer’s supporters.

 Ambassador Reuben Brigety

Ambassador Reuben Brigety

Ambassador Brigety added that “[w]hether it is U.S. leadership on climate change, resolving humanitarian crises, ridding the world of nuclear weapons, or addressing the scourges of child labor and slavery, Dan's voice as a fighter for our progressive values who has been willing to put his life on the line for our country will stand out."

The addition of Ambassador Brigety further cements an already impressive array of endorsements for the campaign. To date, Helmer had already received endorsements from retired General and Admirals, senior national security leaders such as Michele Flournoy and Andrew Exum, two former Deputy Directors of the CIA, and grassroots leaders in the district. 

“I am deeply honored to have Ambassador Brigety’s endorsement and to have him join my National Security Advisory Committee,” Helmer said. “As a resident of Virginia 10, Ambassador Brigety has seen that Barbara Comstock consistently chooses the interests of corporations and groups like the NRA over those of the people. I’m excited to have him on my team as we work to put a true representative in Congress.”

About Dan Helmer

Dan Helmer is a West Point graduate, veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Rhodes Scholar. He was awarded the bronze star for meritorious service for his work establishing the Afghanistan Counterinsurgency Academy after serving as a military advisor to the Afghan National Police. He lives in Fairfax, Virginia with his wife Karen, who is a teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools, and their two sons.