On Passover, Protecting Our Promised Land


This Friday marks the beginning of Passover. Each year, my family gathers for a Thanksgiving where we remember the Exodus and the salvation of the Jewish people. For those around the table, however, the celebration is not of some distant Biblical event. My grandparents are Holocaust survivors who left their home to escape murder by Nazis and found salvation here in America – our Promised Land.

This country has offered us so many opportunities – to worship in peace, to start small businesses, to get an education. I’ve always felt a deep gratitude to the country that took me in, and been driven to give back. At 17, I enrolled at West Point because I wanted to defend our country – to protect a country that had protected us. On September 11, 2001, it became clear that going to war was a certainty. I would uphold the oath I took at 17, and begin to repay the debt that my family owes to this country.

Today, that same sense of service has led me to run for Congress. The greatest threat here is not radicals abroad, but a broken political system more focused on scoring points with special interests than serving the needs of the American people. The system that gave rise to Donald Trump and his brand of divisive, fearmongering, and hateful politics is endangering our leadership in the world, and risking the livelihoods and future of our people at home.

Many struggles in life are lonely, but this fight for our future has not been. I’m overwhelmed by how many friends want to join the battle – to help bring new perspectives and a fresh approach to Congress. As I prepare for Passover this year, I want to say thank you for all you have done to help us protect our promised land and ask for your continued support in defending our country.