Dan's Statement on the Racist Violence in Charlottesville

Fairfax, VA - Today, Dan released the following statement in response to the racist violence in Charlottesville, VA.

"This hateful violence in Charlottesville is the lifeblood of bigots and racists. They have injured our fellow Americans and defiled our streets. Armed militiamen parading around in uniforms mock the real service of soldiers who have sworn to protect a country where ALL of us are equal under the law. The violence we're witnessing is terrorism, not patriotism. As the Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors, who has served side-by-side with women and men of every color and creed, I know we need to stand together against attacks like these on our values and fellow citizens. Let's keep the victims of the attacks in our thoughts and pray that the hearts of these bigots are softened so that all citizens will be safe."