Statement on Paris Accord

Either the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris climate accord or a significant revision of U.S. commitments under it would be irresponsible and dangerous. Climate instability threatens our economy and our national security. By exiting the deal, President Trump would hurt our economy in the short term and cost taxpayers billions in the long term. We would join Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries in the world outside the accord.

We cannot know what President Trump will decide to do. We expect that our leaders in Congress, however, will stand firmly for the use of facts and science in the creation of national policies.

Congresswoman Comstock’s silence on this issue is deafening. It runs contrary to the will of her constituents, who recognize the massive threat climate change poses to our nation and our children, and who demand a science-based approach to dealing with this problem.

The challenge of climate change -- like so many others we face as a nation -- demands demonstrated leaders with fresh perspectives and new solutions. In Congress, I’ll work to bring in the voices of anyone ready to make real change and smart policy. And I’ll work to help America achieve global leadership on the issues of carbon reduction and sustainable energy innovation in order to guarantee a safer and more prosperous future for our children.