Press Release: Prominent National Security Experts Endorse Dan Helmer, Form Helmer for Congress National Security Advisory Committee

Flournoy and other high-ranking experts on military and defense policy praise Dem. Candidate for VA-10 as a "problem solver" with "deep credibility on national security issues."

Dan Helmer, an Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, business strategist and Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, announced today the creation of the Helmer for Congress National Security Advisory Committee. The committee will include national security experts who endorse Dan’s campaign for Congress because of his experience and judgment. As part of their involvement on the committee, they will continue to advise Dan on foreign, military, intelligence, and defense policy. The members include:

  • Michele Flournoy -- Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Obama Administration

  • Brad Carson -- Under Secretary of the Army and Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Obama Administration

  • Andrew Exum --Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy, Obama Administration

  • Charles H. Leven-- Former CIA case officer and senior official focused on Russia

“Our nation faces serious and complex global and domestic threats,” Flournoy said. “We need leaders in Congress who have both deep experience and new perspectives. Dan Helmer fits the bill. He served his country in uniform for a decade, and he understands firsthand the on-the-ground impact of decisions made in Washington. He is passionate, principled, and an innovative thinker and problem-solver.”

“Dan Helmer has deep credibility on national security issues,” said Leven. “He sees old problems in new ways, and he will be an outstanding member of the new, rising generation of Democratic veterans in Congress. One of the many lessons to be drawn from November’s election is that the Russian government is intent on undermining our Democracy. Dan brings to the table exactly the kind of hard-nosed, clear-eyed thinking and experience to support an effective response.”

“As someone with experience working to build coalitions and generate creative ideas, Dan will be able to look beyond politics to solve problems and address the biggest threats our nation faces today,” says Carson.  

According to Exum, “I've worked with Dan in both the Army and in business. Dan's been a leader in both and has a well-earned reputation for seeking out the hardest problems to solve, whether it's countering terrorism or helping businesses grow and create jobs."

Says Dan: “Ensuring that America remains strong and secure will be my top priority as a national leader, and the advice and expertise of the members of this committee will be invaluable.  I am grateful for the counsel of these national security leaders, and I am honored to have their endorsement.”

The National Security Committee, underscores Dan’s deep commitment to national security and the value he places on experience and expertise. It also highlights his ability to attract the trust of policy-making veterans and to convene broad-based coalitions of thought-leaders and analysts.

The 10th Congressional District is home to tens of thousands of veterans, military families, Department of Defense employees, intelligence professionals, and defense industry employees.