Reporting For Duty

Tomorrow,  I’ll be reporting for Annual Training in the US Army Reserves and will be on Active Duty through the evening of May 12th.

I’m proud to be a Reservist, and excited for the opportunity to serve in uniform again. It’ll be great to meet and reconnect with some of the many women and men who dedicate their lives to serving our country.

Department of Defense regulations -- and good sense -- prohibit me from engaging in any campaign activities while I’m serving as a soldier. Therefore, you won’t be hearing from me these next two weeks.  

Because I will be temporarily unable to speak about my campaign directly, I wanted to share this new video, which highlights what we all want this campaign to focus on.

I look forward to engaging with you again when I return from duty on May 12th.

Our democracy depends on our participation in it -- so thank you for participating, and spread the word!