The First One Hundred Days of the Trump Presidency

Millions of Americans put their trust in Donald Trump to improve their economic prospects, keep them safe, and honor the values that make our country special. President Trump has repeatedly broken that trust. His blustering and blundering on the international stage have contributed to the destabilization of the Korean Peninsula, and his missile strikes on the Syrian regime have done nothing to clarify his Administration’s long-term policy for that country or that region. His treatment of America’s closest allies have left our partners, from Europe to the Pacific, wondering where they stand. The early days of the Trump Administration make clear that the GOP can no longer claim to be the party of National Security. Democrats must once and for all stake their claim to this territory -- not only by communicating their vision for a strong, responsible, and engaged America abroad, but also by sending more veterans to Congress.

At home, Mr. Trump has appointed an extremist Supreme Court Judge and has discriminated on the basis of religion and nationality in the execution of our immigration policies. He has proposed a catastrophic increase in the federal debt for the sake of a tax cut for the wealthy and for corporations, attempted to deprive millions of Americans of their health insurance, and done too little to address an alarming rise in hate-based violence, vandalism, and speech. Candidate Trump made bold claims about his single-handed ability to engineer a history-making economic expansion, but GDP growth in the first quarter of his Presidency has been weaker than at any time in the last three years.

Congressional Republicans have inadequately fulfilled their role as a check on the President’s ambitions and rhetoric. They also continue to stymie efforts to investigate the links between Mr. Trump’s staff and the Russian government. America needs new leadership on Capitol Hill -- women and men who will fight for freedom, fairness, and justice. These are the ideals on which our country was founded, and their protection requires the vision and talent of devoted servant-leaders. The time has come for a Congress composed of every kind of American, connected to their communities, and motivated by a genuine understanding of their constituents’ concerns. As a member of this new movement of Democratic leaders, and as the voice of the VA-10 in the House, I will put to use my extensive real-life experience solving the National Security and economic problems that affect my constituents’ lives. Together, I and my neighbors in Virginia’s 10th will lay the foundations for our future.