Dan Helmer Announces Endorsements of Prominent National Security Leaders

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Retired Generals, Admirals, CIA Leaders and Diplomats Join Helmer’s National Security Advisory Cmte.

Fairfax, VA – Today, Dan Helmer, Iraq/Afghanistan War Veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, announced the expansion of the Helmer for Congress National Security Advisory Committee to include generals and admirals from every branch of the military, senior leaders in the intelligence community, and dedicated diplomats. The committee members have served in every U.S. war since WWII and have more than three centuries of collective service to our nation. Committee members support Dan’s bid for Congress and have also made themselves available to advise Dan on foreign, military, intelligence, and defense policy.

“As Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, I sought to instill a lifelong dedication to Duty, Honor, Country, in my cadets,” said Lieutenant General (Retired) Dan Christman. “Throughout his life, Dan has dedicated himself to those priorities, and all of us on the National Security Advisory Committee know that those are exactly the values that we need, and that Dan will embody, in Congress.”

The National Security Advisory Committee underscores Dan’s deep commitment to public service that puts our country before politics. It also highlights his ability to attract the trust of policy-making veterans and to convene broad-based coalitions of thought-leaders and analysts.

“I am often disappointed by my elected leadership, who seem more effective at partisan bickering than the business of governing,” said Brigadier General (Retired) Jeff Cashman. “We have been engaged in the longest war in American history without a Congressional declaration of war, as our Constitution requires. Our Government has again failed to pass a defense spending bill before the end of the fiscal year, triggering uncounted waste in our defense spending. I do not support “business as usual” in the US House of Representatives and know that candidate Dan Helmer is the smart choice in these times of great insecurity. We need experience and accomplished servant-leaders like Dan Helmer in Washington to set us on the right national security path.”

Helmer thanked the members for their support and advice.

“The people of VA-10 deserve a true representative in Washington -- not a congressperson who will play politics with our national security. I will stand up to Donald Trump and his recklessness to work towards a smart, strong and secure America,” said Helmer. “The advice and expertise of the members of this committee will be invaluable as we work together in the interest of our Democracy. I am grateful for their trust and their endorsements.”

The Helmer for Congress National Security Advisory Committee includes:

  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Dan Christman, US Army, Former Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, Vietnam Veteran

  • Major General (Retired) Gale Pollock, Former Acting Surgeon General and 22nd Chief of the Army Nurse Corps

  • Rear Admiral Mike Smith, former President, Navy Board of Inspection and Survey, Veteran of Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Operation Iraqi Freedom

  • Brigadier General (Retired) Steve Cheney, US Marine Corps, Former Inspector General of the Marine Corps

  • Brigadier General (Retired) John Douglass, US Air Force, Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisitions)

  • Brigadier General (retired) Jeff Cashman, resident of VA-10 and former US Air Force and Air National Guard Senior Leader

  • Brigadier General (Retired) David McGinnis, New York National Guard, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, Vietnam Veteran

  • Former Deputy Director of the CIA and former Principal Deputy National Security Adviser, Avril Haines, the first woman to serve in either position

  • Former Deputy Director of the CIA, David Cohen


  • Ambassador Susan Jacobs, former State Department Special Advisor for Children’s Issues



Committee Members Announced in Spring of 2017


  • Michele Flournoy, fmr. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

  • Brad Carson, fmr. Under Secretary of the Army and Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness

  • Andrew Exum, fmr. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

  • Charles H. Leven, fmr. CIA case officer and senior official focused on Russia


The 10th Congressional District is home to tens of thousands of veterans, military families, Department of Defense employees, intelligence professionals, and defense industry employees.


Dan Helmer is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Rhodes Scholar, business strategist, and father of two.


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