On Passover, Protecting Our Promised Land

This Friday marks the beginning of Passover. Each year, my family gathers for a Thanksgiving where we remember the Exodus and the salvation of the Jewish people. For those around the table, however, the celebration is not of some distant Biblical event. My grandparents are Holocaust survivors who left their home to escape murder by Nazis and found salvation here in America – our Promised Land.

Letter from Dan: Cowardice of Congress Costs Lives

In the heat of June 1999—as a first-year “new cadet” at West Point—I learned how to assemble, fire, clean, and store an M-16 assault rifle. In the years that followed I became a trained user of the M-4 assault rifle, the M-9 Beretta, the MK-19 automatic grenade launcher and many other weapons.  Those on the political right like to pretend that advocates of basic gun reforms are weak and afraid, unfamiliar with firearms and ignorant of their potential. I am not. We are not.

Open Letter from Amanda and Chris Tandy Announcing Their Endorsement of Dan Helmer


We have decided who we're supporting to succeed Barbara Comstock as our representative from Virginia's 10th congressional district in the US House of Representatives, and it's Dan Helmer. Yes, we mean THAT Dan Helmer, the one with the ad that was a spoof of a scene from Top Gun that got a bit of national attention a month or so ago. Our endorsement is our own, and should not be seen as an endorsement by any group that we are members of, or volunteer with.