About Dan

Democratic primary voters will want to know that Dan Helmer is a different kind of leader with a fresh approach, someone who will put people over politics and can beat Barbara Comstock in November. 

Older voters, voters outside of Loudoun County and non-college voters will be particularly interested. 

Proof points:  

  • Helmer is a West Point graduate, Rhodes scholar, combat veteran, and businessman.
  • As a U.S. Army veteran who carried an assault rifle in combat, Dan Helmer believes that these weapons have no place on our streets.  He will take on the NRA and will fight for universal background checks and other common sense measures to keep our citizens safe.
  • Dan believes access to quality, affordable healthcare is a right. He supports a Medicare-for-All Option (so that people who lack health insurance through their employer have a public option).
  • As a combat veteran, Dan recognizes that there are consequences to the cowardice in Washington these days. By refusing to stand up to Donald Trump, the Republican Congress has allowed President Trump to subvert our democracy.  Dan swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and so he will stand up to President Trump's abuses of power. 

Media resources

Footage of Dan can be found on his YouTube page here
Pictures are available below.