Welcoming immigrants: Dan comes from a family of immigrants and refugees who were welcomed into the United States after fleeing religious persecution abroad. He believes that immigration strengthens our economy, national security, and culture.  Dan will advocate in Congress for justly-administered, orderly, and welcoming immigration policies that maintain our nation's security without compromising the humanity of those who wish to join us as Americans by discriminating against them on the basis of religion or race. 

Fighting sexual harassment: Dan will make fighting sexual harassment a top priority and fight for laws that protect women and victims from retribution in the workplace. In the military, he believes that the investigation and handling of sexual harassment/assault claims should be taken out of the chain of command. 

Freedom and equality: Dan believes that it is the right of every American to worship, speak, vote, and love as they please. He will fight discrimination of any kind. Dan believes in equal pay for equal work, freedom of expression, marriage equality, and all citizens’ right to vote without undue burden.